2018 John Muir Way Baggage Service Prices

2018 service runs from 24th March to 25th October

Please note that I only transfer to Airbnbs and campsites if they are available for drop-off/uplift between 9.30 am and 4.00 pm. 

John Muir Way – Helensburgh to Dunbar – 134 miles/215.5 km


Solo walkers: £ per stage – 

2 – 3 bags: £ per bag per stage

4 – 6 bags: £ per bag per stage

6+ bags: £ per bag per stage

Cyclists for a typical 5 stage itinerary 

Solo cyclists: £ per stage

2 – 3 bags: £ per bag per stage

4 – 6 bags: £ per bag per stage

6+ bags: £ per bag per stage

Walkers and Cyclists

If you are not walking the full route or completing in fewer days than standard please email me for my best price.

Payment Methods

 Cash at the time of your walk (Euros/Dollars accepted based on rate of exchange on day)
 Credit/Debit Card (via PayPal – you do not need to have a PayPal account)
 PayPal if you have an account
 Bank transfer – details supplied on request
 Cheque – made payable to Steve Priddle-Higson

Please note the following Terms & Conditions:

1. Weight allowance is set at 20 kg per item. If you can carry your bag up and down stairs I can transport it (excludes body builders)! 

2. Insurance liability for baggage in-transit rests with the individual and not the Carrier. Please make sure you have holiday cover insurance.

3. No valuable, breakable or flammable items to be in luggage. Includes, cameras, laptops, tablets etc. However, I can carry valuable items if they are packed safely and I am made aware of the item in advance.

4. Please have your baggage available for collection at your accommodation by 0915 hours. I will endeavour to have it at your next stop by 1630 hours. 

5. Please ensure your baggage is labelled with your name and booking name if part of a group. Labels can be supplied

Thank you